Saturday, May 25, 2013

Destany Fenton Arts and Crafts

Welcome to Destany Fenton Arts and Crafts! Each item you find in my shop is one hundred percent handmade and designed by me. Because many of my items are custom-created, I will need to personally confirm the details of your order before you pay me. Every item has its own order form. Please fill out one order form per unique item* and I will email you discuss the details. Once your order has been confirmed, you may pay me using my verified Paypal account. I appreciate your interest, thank you for stopping by!

For custom professional oil paintings and portraits, visit my art site: Destany Fenton Fine Art and Portraiture.

For custom created logos and web graphics, visit: Destany Fenton Graphic Design.

For each item in my store, please fill out the form on the items page. I do not ask you to give your mailing address at the time of your order, but once we have discussed the details of your custom made item I will get that information from you and accept payment to my verified Paypal account. If you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask in the "Additional Comments and Requests" portion of the form, or email me at

Denim Picture Frame

Heirloom Pillows

Custom Hand Embrodery

Counter Top Pads
Dragon Fly Pendant

Dream Catcher Pendant

Nacre Ring Choker

Tree of Solitude Painting

Tree of Renewal Painting

Toon Portraits and Caricatures>

Knitted Hobby Horse

Small Knitted Plushies

Star Flower Hair Ties

Knitted Backpack

Prismatic Entrelac Purse

Knit Wallet

Hand Knitted Gloves

Deluxe Cable and Ribbed Gloves

Sweater Leggings

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*When ordering multiples of the same item, you need only fill out one form and select the quantity in the field, if applicable.