Heirloom Pillows

These pillows simply cannot be found elsewhere. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a grandparent, this is it. They can be made to any size that you like. Prices will depend heavily on the number of details in the pillow, but each element can be broken down to a specific price – the sum of which will be confirmed before you pay me.
Portraiture Pillows: I use filling embroidery techniques such as satin stitch to hand sew  portraits. The pillow shown here features the portraits of my grandparents. The portraits themselves are 3” x 5” and each one took me a few weeks. While I can embroider in full color, the effect is much more pleasing in sepia tones.
I embroider on canvas or cotton muslin, using high grade Egyptian Cotton thread.
Name Tag Pillows: This gift would be perfect for a grandparent. This pillow was made for my mother. It features the names of all of her grandchildren, each, on an individual tag. I embroidered the word “Grandma” at the top of the pillow, and used different stitches on the names to give a unique appearance to each one. In some cases, I used a different color fabric for the name tag. You may notice that I left room at the bottom for more name tags, as not all of us kids are finished having children. For each child that is born after this pillow is made, I will embroider them a new name tag and mail it to her. She can then sew it on. I can do the same for your pillow as well!
You may notice the red lace on the name tag pillow. This was hand crocheted using Egyptian Cotton thread. You may choose to add this element or not, and the lace can be created in any color you desire.
Each pillow is backed in brown leather, but I can use a different fabric if you would prefer.
Plain Pillow: 40$
Portrait – 3” x 5”: 80$
Portrait – 8” x 10”: 160$
Name(s) on Portraiture Pillow: 10$
Name tags: 2$ each
Shipping: 8$
Please fill out the form below and I will send you a confirmation email to discuss the details of your custom made pillow, and will then accept payment to may Verified Paypal Account.

3" X 5" portrait
8" X 10" portrait
name tag only

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