Cartoon Portraits and Caricatures

Cartoon Portraits, or ‘toon portraits as I call them, are something I have done for many years now. I started as a teenager drawing Marvel comic book characters. As anime developed I learned to draw in that style as well. I can draw portraits or caricatures in any style you can imagine – from old time comic, anime, to American television characters like the Simpsons or Family Guy.

You can simply show me a photo, tell me what style you wish the portrait to be rendered in and I will draw it. I can paint the portrait in watercolor on cold press watercolor paper and then ink it, or I can draw it on card stock and color it with pencils, inking it with marker.

‘Toon portraits make great gifts for kids and kids-at-heart! Whether your 12 year old is a fan of Pokémon, or your 35 year old is a die-hard fan of The Simpsons, you can order a portrait they will always cherish!

Watercolor 10” x 13” (single portrait): 20$

Colored Pencil 10” x 13” (single portrait): 20$

Shipping: 1$

Please fill out the form below and I will send you a confirmation email to discuss the details of your ‘toon portrait, and will then accept payment to may Verified Paypal Account.

Watercolor and ink
Colored pencil and ink

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