Nacre Ring Choker

This Nacre Ring choker was made using all natural materials that were either recycled or found. Nacre is the hard iridescent substance that forms the inner layer of certain mollusk shells. It is commonly used for making buttons and beads. The nacre ring on this choker is accented on either side with natural handmade wooden beads. These beads were made from twigs and still have bark and lichen attached, to which have been sealed in with varnish. The 15.5” polished hemp cord has copper embellishments and sports a clasp made from a poplar tree chip.

I currently only have 2 of these in stock!

*Please note that all of my handmade jewelry is made using only organic materials. The wood clasp, hemp cord and copper will degrade if you get them wet. I do not recommend swimming or bathing while wearing them.

Nacre Ring and Wood Bead Choker: 15$

Shipping: 2$

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