Custom Hand Embroidery

If you are wanting a fully customized gift for a loved one or for yourself, you’ve come to the right place! I can embroider nearly any image you can imagine using high grade Egyptian Cotton thread on cotton canvas or muslin. I know all of the good embroidery techniques and can make little rosettes, chain stitch, or my favorite, the satin stitch.

Satin stitch allows me to fill in solid patches of color using thread in any colors you can imagine. Doing this, I can depict faces of people or animals, I can draw two dimensional images such as the butterflies shown here. Although many machines can do this, they cannot depict details as I can when doing fine embroidery.

The medium of fabric is highly universal. Your embroidered image can be mounted on frames to be hung on the wall, they can be sewn into pillows or even clothing. The butterflies shown in this photograph were stitched into the skirt of a dress I made for my daughter. Even though the dress has been washed numerous times, the colors and texture of the thread have really held up to all of the abuse a toddler could dish out!

My prices on hand embroidery are greatly varied, according to the size and detail of the piece, and then include what you would like me to do with the embroidery. If you wish for me to sew it into a garment or a pillow, for instance, the price will be different than if you wish for it to be mounted to a stretcher bar for framing. The following is a standard chart that I will base the cost of your order on, and all prices are agreed upon before payment.

Satin Stitch piece (non portrait):

$15 per square inch.
Portraiture work costs twice as much as other embroidery.

Embellishments (chain stitching, rosettes, cross stitching): 20$

Shipping will vary dependent on the size of the item.

*Note that on custom embroidery, I have a minimum order of 50$

Please fill out the form below and I will send you a confirmation email to discuss the details of your custom embroidered piece, and will then accept payment to my Verified Paypal Account.



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