Friday, March 1, 2013

Counter Top Pads

These counter top pads are meant to be multi functional. They can be used as heat pads, either to set a hot pan on or remove a hot pan from the stove top or oven. They are also meant to be used to clean up minor spills and puddles of water around the kitchen.

I find that keeping towels in the kitchen usually leads to them being used as hot pads. And there are times when I need to clean up a spill that I've thought of using a pot holder.

This way, one item can do both things!

Approximately ten inches by ten inches, the front of each pad is made with 100% cotton yarn from Peaches and Crème brand yarn, using a complicated lotus stitch. This stitch adds a lot of bulk to the front of the pad, in a beautiful pattern. The back of the pad is cotton terrycloth, and the two sides are joined with a decorative cotton print fabric.

To order, please select the yarn color from the Peaches and Crème website. The colors available are:

Bright Blue
Bright Orange
Bright Pink
Dark Taupe
Faded Denim Blue
Forest Green
Rouge Red
Sage Green
Tea Rose
Colonial Twist
Hampton Twist
Limerick Twist
Sail Away Stripes
Sandstone Stripes
Seaside Stripes
Stars and Stripes
Strawberry Stripes
Sweet Pea Stipes (Sweet Pea Stipes contains a purple stripe that is not showing in the photo).
Floral Bouquet
Lavender Sachet
Blue Lagoon
Butter Cream Ombre
Cool Breeze Ombre
Country Side Ombre
Earth Ombre
Faded Denim (Ombre)
Floral Fantasy
Good Earth
Hot Cocoa
Lava Lamp
Lotus Blossom
Natural Ombre
Pansy Parade
Potpourri Ombre
Rose is a Rose

If you wish for me to use a specific print pattern for the border, please let me know where I can find this. If it is more expensive than the fabric I typically use, ($4 a yard) I will factor the difference into the final price of your order. Otherwise, will select a coordinating fabric myself.

Please list the color of the yarn you wish me to use and be sure to include the four digit product number when filling out the form. Please fill out the form below and I will send you a confirmation email to discuss the details of your hand knitted counter top pads, and will then accept payment to may Verified Paypal Account.

Counter Top Pads: $15 each
Shipping: $5

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